4 comments on “Disney and the Daylight, SP 4449 in “Tough Guys” -1986

  1. as I remember reading/hearing once the police start shooting at the train before it enters Mexico they used O Scale Models and the train in the sand is a full size model also

  2. The 4449 once again made a record excursion run from Portland Organ to Owosso Michigan in 2009. Well over 3,000 miles one way, not including a few side trips made along the way.

  3. Let me make a correction as far as location is concerned. Most of the movie was filmed at taylor yrd round house area the ” old 1 Spot. The chase scenes were filmed on the old Eagle Mountain Branch Line east of the Salton Sea not the Kaiser Steel Ore LIne. I know I worked on the film as a special agent.

  4. 4449 also made a brief appearance as a German train in an episode of Hogan’s Heroes. You can see the number clearly in one shot, though the film was mirrored.

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