4 comments on “Stand by Me or not, but I am not walking over a train bridge! A reminder in Railroad Safety.

  1. Very good review. And also, like the points you bring up. You only missed a couple of reminders there….that ANY TIME IS TRAIN TIME (and a lot of main line railroads only “schedule” their trains at the last moment, according to freight demands, only passenger trains have a traditional “schedule” now…and trains can be ahead, behind, or re-routed from somewhere else!) That and….the amount of time it takes for a train to stop….and the distance…..add any curves or bad weather, things get even dicier (as you said, they’re so much quieter now)

    Once, on a special museum train on a CP mainline, I saw, on the track next to us, a family walking their dog. I think our engineer honked at them. At least I HOPE so.

  2. Does anyone know what rolling stock made up the rest of the train? Is it a derrick or a steam crane and tender? I also see a locomotive tender and I think a hopper?

  3. It also bears mentioning that this famous trestle was featured in the rock band Aerosmith’s video for their song “Living on the Edge”, with lead guitarist Joe Perry doing a green-screen train dodge stunt with footage of the McCloud River SD38’s.

  4. Does anyone know if the lake Britton train bridge in Stand By Me is actually 100ft above the water like they qouted in the movie?

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