6 comments on “A film makers Engine….The many films of Great Western #75

  1. I would like to know if you could dig up more info on the film history, more specifically commercial history of engine #75. I have fond memories of this train, Mr. Rohrer was a close family friend & often took my father with him to work on this train. I actually have a couple pictures of Mr.Rohrer, my father, Tom Cruise & Ron Howard in front of this very engine!
    I want to find the commercial spot the engine was in for Anhueser Busch, my dad still has a door that hung on one of the cars, beautifully hand painted logo

  2. I had the opportunity of being one of many volunteers that helped bring #75 back into service when she arrived at Heber “Valley. She was one of three steam locomotives featured as transportation to the Soldier Hollow venue of the 2002 Olympics and served the railroad well until “time” on the boiler had expired…since then work has been very limited in getting her back into service. To update/correct some information in the above posting, her builder’s plate carries the number 31778/September 1907 and Mr. Rohrer had a daughter and son-in-law to whom he left his estate.

  3. I have an image of the #75 (with its distinctive running board hump over the air pumps) where the tender bears the words “J.W.Grant” rather than the name of the railroad. Does anybody know if this was from some movie or is it from some prior life?

  4. Cat Ballou featured Great Western 51, not 75. Currently, the 51 is owned by John Birmingham and resides in the Hudson Terminal shops. I’d love to see her out on the GW again, but not all miracles can happen…

    • My father, three bothers and I were at some of the filming of Cat Ballou. There to capture pictures of the engine primarily. Jane Fonda hurt a leg at one point getting off the train. Details are fuzzy since I was only 11 yo at the time.

  5. In Breakheart Pass the tender reads “W&N R.R.” for Wasatch and Nevada railroad. It is visible in a shot at about 1 hr 22 min into the movie. Wasatch and Nevada is visible on one of the passenger cars and “W&NRR” is visible on the freight car.

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