6 comments on “Cars, Trucks and Trains – Southern Pacific in Spielberg’s “DUEL”

  1. SD9 #3928 was built in January 1956 as the 5454. It was re-numbered to 3928 in 1965. Sometime in the mid 70’s it was rebuilt to a SD9E and again renumbered to 4420. It was retired in 1995 and sold for scrap to Pacific Rail Industries in November of that year.

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  3. That rail line you speak of is not the Palmdale Cutoff. It’s the original mainline into the LA basin. The only long haul freights to use that line now are the west coast Z trains from LA to Portland, OR.

  4. Jeez was there more than the train in the railroad crossing scene? That’s a lot of locomotives.
    Which locomotives were on the train in the railroad crossing scene?

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