Special Thanks!

Special Thanks to the following people who have provided information, gave me films to look into, or making corrections to the information!

-Aaron Gonthier – Springfield, Vermont  (Idea: Danger Lights)

-David “B-Train” Lemke – Chicago, Illinois (Correction: 88 Miles Per Hour, no ticket, just time travel!)

– Danial Lindfors – Chaska, Minnisota (Correction: Stand by me or not, but I am not walking over a train bridge! A reminder in Railroad Safety)

-Megan Salter – Altoona, Pennsylvania (Idea: “War! What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Norfolk Southern in “The War”)

-Carlos Sebastian Leschhörn – Montreal, QC (Idea: Canada sure does look a-lot like India: Canadian Pacific goes Bollywood)

-IlliniRail Yahoo! Group members, Various locations – (Idea & Corrections: Multiple)

-IRMList Yahoo! Group members, Various locations – (Idea: Multiple)

-Len Torny -Emigrant, Montana (Idea: McQueens Flop – Santa Fe in “Junior Bonner”)

-Bob Bober – Pacific, MO (Idea: Page: Route 66 Railroad Club [aka: Route 66 Railfan Visitors Center and Mainline Viewing Area])

-Christopher Bokin – Carbondale, IL (Idea and Screenshot provider: Groovy Dude! The Missouri Pacific train in “Times are Tough All Over and Cars,  Trucks and Trains – Southern Pacific in Spielberg’s “DUEL”)

(Updated 2-1-12)

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